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2010 = The Year of Social Media

Is your company one of the many that would rather steer clear through the era of social media and go about business as usual? Don’t fret, you are not alone. However, being a company without a social media presence is quickly becoming equivalent to being a company without an Internet presence.

With this becoming reality, it means that companies need to be more on their toes than ever. Forget the days where a poorly developed campaign could go unnoticed with limited backlash. The days where people did not have the instant access to others has changed. With a few keystrokes, one wrong move becomes knowledge to hundreds or thousands of people and they are given an opportunity to develop their own opinion. Their opinion then becomes knowledge of hundreds or thousands more people, and the circle continues. This can also be a benefit. As doing one thing perfectly can lead to the same cycle and you have positive word of mouth that will help your company grow.

Social media can be what you make of it. You can play it to your advantage and spread the word about your company and gain positive feedback. Or you can hide and keep your presence limited to non-existent and hope you make it through this era intact.

Which way you decide to go is completely up to your company. Just remember that DDA is here to assist in all of your advertising and marketing needs. Whether is be video, animation, graphic design, or web, DDA can meet and exceed your needs.

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Entry by: Crystal


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