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An Early Start

I arrived early this morning, not because I left the house any earlier, but because thanks to Martin Luther King Jr., a great deal of public/state run offices are closed, which means, no kids and someone needs to stay home with them.  So not only did MLK do some great things for the history of the US, he also brings me a little peace to this day in regards to an easy morning commute.  But an early start isn’t always the best, since this morning’s computer boot took 20 minutes longer than usual.

Two interesting things happened when I started up my usual morning programs.  The first one had to do with some script running that opened browser after browser tab.  On occasion gmail goes wonky on me and it keeps reloading some bad javascript which opens new browser tabs instead of refreshing the page (or at least that’s my assessment).  It usually takes a browser close and a clearing of the history and cache before it will function again (otherwise a trip back goes right into open browser craziness again).  Then after I had to kill all of that and restart the other hung applications (Firefox still hasn’t loaded properly) Thunderbird decided that it wanted to download a thousand new emails from the server.  I’m not sure where those emails came from, they weren’t new, they were popping up in arbitrary places in the time line of my inbox, and not as a result of spam, just as a result of ‘never got picked up’.  Luckily though I’d answered a few of them, which means they probably came in on a day off and I went through them at home.  I guess that sort of thing happens when you have to have several working email accounts to monitor.

So now that we’re up and running, finally, after almost an hour of being here, today will begin with a meeting about the servers and then roll into the usual programming work.  There’s always something to do with our Medical IT and CME sites and when all else fails, there’s our never ending task of improving DDA’s productivity.  I may even be able to get back to working on the Flash learning.

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Entry by: amy


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