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Interactive Food For Thought

Walking down a modern city street in Beijing, we were drawn by an old looking, beautifully painted wooden gateway framing an alley to our right. Turning into the narrow street, I gasped as I came face to face with skewers of squirming scorpions, millipedes, and soft, fat silk worms, ready for frying. Then I watched other foreigners round the corner and have similar reactions, and I saw how strategically placed that first food booth was. We walked further down the alley, examining the rest of the booths, and meanwhile, I noticed that none of the Chinese people were eating any of the skewered delicacies, except for the seahorses; instead they chose meat kabobs or fruit. I began to wonder if the insects were displayed for the amusement of the locals, hoping to see one foreigner dare another to eat a bug. Maybe that’s why they call scorpions “TV reporter food”.

The next day, our tour guide assured us that she does not know anyone who eats those creatures — they are mostly for show. Her mother is a traditional Chinese medical doctor, and she didn’t even mention the possibility that those items have any medicinal qualities.

That surprise made our walk more interesting, made for a good travel story, and it’s even helping me write my blog! That kind of excitement is what DDA strives for when creating interactive elements for websites, DVDs, and other media. Surprises generate interest, keep visitors engaged longer, and make memorable experiences. Experience the interactive by checking out DDA’s corporate website, or dda’s Power Pyramid of Marketing website. Our websites are great resources for interactive ideas, but I promise you won’t find any scorpions!

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Entry by: judy


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