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Interactive Marketing that Takes Flight

My older sister gave me a book to read, or really two. Both are part of a series. For the most part, our reading tastes are vastly different. She’s more into the mystical and occult whereas I tend to like the strange and eclectic. Sounds similar, but really it’s not. I finished the first and have moved to the next, and it’s not too bad, entertaining enough. My only gripe is it’s set in the future, which in itself isn’t a problem. It’s the flying car part I take issue with. Call me a skeptic but I don’t see flying cars as part of our future and have a really hard time taking them seriously. This is probably due to the Jetsons.

But what I do see as the wave of the future is digital technology beyond what anyone could dream up, like virtual reality that doesn’t require a clunky headset or some time of contraption; full immersive environments that pull the user into a whole different world and blend the real with the virtual. Perhaps even holograms, simulated images that are just a regular part of life, and video feed so clear and crisp it will be like you’re standing next to the person.

At DDA, virtual reality, immersive environments, video streaming, and advanced technology have all been apart of what we’ve offered for many years. Every year, we are able to add more capabilities to our already full list of interactive marketing services. It’s not because we’re trying to catch up with the latest thing, it’s that we are constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries ourselves in the online applications and services we can offer, capitalizing on the advances and changes occurring in technology every day. Interactive websites, video production, virtual worlds, and eLearning platforms are all examples of our efforts.

So, no, I don’t think my Nissan will take flight one day, but working at DDA, it’s not hard for me to imagine an easy-to-use online tool where I feel like I’m flying right through the skies.

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Entry by: toni


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