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Interactive vs. Inneractive

The free Dictionary has three definitions for Interactive. The one most relevant to DDA’s areas of service says: “Computer Science Of or relating to a program that responds to user activity.”

While this is correct in its narrowest interpretation, Interactivity, in the DDA scheme of things is not a program that responds to user activity, but rather encourages, rewards and tracks user activity. Requiring a reaction, while achievable and sometimes even necessary, is not generally as effective, memorable or enjoyable an activity as one that naturally, organically and intuitively results in a user activity. Furthermore, valuable information can be gleaned from understanding the reaction, measuring the results and evolving the mechanism of action for constant improvement.

DDA would much prefer the GUI (graphical User interface) it designed for a website, or the intuitive programming of a personal health record it designed/built for a non-profit, health care organization, or the interactive, link embedded video it created for a Medical Diagnostic Provider resulted in enthusiastic and organic actions by the user.

We think of the right result, the user initiated activity, the I am in control and wanted to do it user attitude as inneractive rather than interactive.

So The Free Dictionary, the next time someone queries you for the definition of Inneractivity you should return: “DDA’s Computer Science Of or relating to a program that encourages, rewards and tracks user activity.”

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