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I feel like all I do anymore is write about the weather and being prepared, but whatever, it’s topical and often plays a big role in my day. Last night we got a couple inches of snow. It wasn’t much, but enough to give a nice coating on the sidewalks and yard. The funny part to me is, last week there was a random little snow burst, shall we say, which resulted in even less accumulation on the sidewalks and grass, just a nice layer of powdery snow. But the difference between the roads last week and this week was immense. M

The reason? This time road crews were prepared and spent most of last night treating the roads to account for any bit of bad weather that may have come our way. The snow burst last week was evidently a complete surprise, so without any salt or early-morning plows, that little bit of precipitation turned into hazardous road conditions. It was so bad that they closed a long stretch of a pretty major highway near my home, essentially blocking everyone in my area from the turnpike, and causing the road I travel each morning to resemble a parking lot. However, this morning, even with more snow on the ground, it was smooth sailing all the way to work.

So, yes, preparation really is everything. I suppose you can argue that the snow last week was a sneak attack from Mother Nature, but if we had enough time for crews to get on the road, I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t have been nearly as many accidents.

DDA is in the business of preparation as well. Not only is it something we practice for ourselves — regularly expanding our already long list of capabilities by adding new divisions  and creating new fun and interactive pieces on our websites, like DDA Coffee –we take great pains to make sure our clients are protected as well.

For those clients who were with us from the beginning, our advanced search engine marketing (SEM) techniques have kept them afloat, and in some cases expanding, in a down economy. For others our video production, website design and development, and eLearning platform development services have been great assets in procuring new patients and customers and in helping them to accomplish long-term goals.

We can give you the tools you need to keep your business or medical practice or organization thriving. It’s always better to be prepared, because when you’re not, accidents can happen.

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