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No Need to Wait

The trip to the post office is a dreaded one, especially for me usually dragging two young boys in there with me. The lines are always long and I am always right behind someone who has a million questions, which is fine - when I am alone and patient. But with two boys that are bored, or hungry, or want to play with the line dividers and almost knock them down every time… my trips can be pretty frustrating. The other day I walked in and was immediately in line as soon I walked through the door. With one person working the register and 10 people in front of us I was ready to walk out. Then I saw it, the automated machine, I swear it was glowing and I could hear the sound of a chorus! I walked right over and within a few minutes my postage label was printed and I dropped my package in the slot. I was out the door faster than ever before and the line had only moved by two people. Now I know that going to the post office won’t be such a hassle, as long as no one else figures out how much faster the automated machine is!

At DDA, we do not have an automated machine that creates our amazing website designs, catalog designs, keyword-rich content and more. We have a staff of degreed graphic designers and copywriters to handle these projects. You will not receive an automated email reponse here, rather an immediate reply to an email or returned phone call about your interactive website design, medical trade show graphic or new business card design. When you have an appointment at DDA, you do not have to wait in a long line among other clients, waiting for your turn. You get to walk right in, are greeted by our casting director or search engine optimization specialist and are announced promptly to your project coordinator.

Now there is a period of time that you will need to wait while our designers are creating your design, but we are sure that once you see your finished design, you will agree that it was worth the wait!

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Entry by: jess


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