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Bogart, My Anatomical 3D Snail Puzzle

If you come into my office, you’ll see little knick knacks dotted around my desk. If you even have the time to take a seat, you’ll come face to face with Bogart. Now, I know that Bogart isn’t for everyone, such as those that don’t like bugs or slimy things, but I find him rather fascinating. He also reminds me of English gardens where Helix aspersa, or the common brown garden snail, are so prolific. Parts of his shell and body have transparent windows allowing an inside anatomical view of digestive, respiratory and circulatory organs, all painstakingly put together not by some higher power, but by me on my living room floor.

His structure also reminds me of all the work that goes on behind the scenes of an interactive website; the windows being portals into the programming associated with streaming video, tracking a user’s progress through an eLearning tool, or the animations and interactions of a graphical user interface. So remember, even if you’re not a fan of the slimy creature that carries its house on its back and has eyeballs that protrude far from its face, there’s a lot of beautiful and remarkable things happening on the inside.

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Entry by: laurence


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