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Living Life at 30 Frames Per Second

Working with 3d models matched to real life actors and/or environments can be a truly tricky task. Yesterday I talked about the effects of a failed camera match. Today, Jake, Laurence and I had to go about solving that little problem with a bit of creative frame-rate manipulation.

That’s right, we altered time. Not in the world around us (unfortunately,) but the speed at which the frames in our reference video play back in the 3d composition window. Basically, what we had to do is make the reference video play at half speed, showing 15 frames per second, while the 3d render itself would play at 30. This was because the source video, when imported into Lightwave 3D v9.2, played back too quickly. But this was just one of the factors we have to consider when working two different formats like this, whether it’s matching live action with 3d models or flash animation. And we’re acquiring new methods to solve old problems every day, whether it be from newly developed cutting edge editing or animation software, or internally developed “outside the box” solutions for existing software. Each day I feel more prepared to pass on that ingenuity, in the form of refined and completed animation and web design projects, to our clients.

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Entry by: Rob


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