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A Lot to Look At

DDA EPIC is a new site to show off a nice selection of our projects and highlight some of our services. It will be launching soon as long as all goes well with the last steps. EPIC is the latest name that stands for something. “Engage. Produce. Innovate. Challenge.” This seems to be a theme with most things we make for ourselves. Just ask DDA SEM, DDA CMT, DDA VMS, DDA APPS, and DDA USA. You down with OPP, yea you know me. In addition to those sites, we have made many other interesting DDA sites and projects that are worth checking out. There is DDA Medical, DDA Video, AppleSavvy, Insideout Man, DDA Carnival, DDA Coffee, Universal Portfolio, DDA GRID, DDA in 60 Seconds, DDA at Work, YouBetMyLife, Power Pyramid, and probably some other ventures I am forgetting. I had a hand in constructing almost all of these sites and looking back I have made a ton of stuff. Seeing as the projects I just listed were just for DDA and doesn’t include any client work, I can only imagine how many client projects I have worked on in the past 5 years. Who knows what DDA will end up making in the next 5 years…

So if you haven’t done so yet, check out some of the DDA sites I listed. Take it nice and slow or you might get overwhelmed with all of the content. There is a lot to look at there and you could easily spend your whole weekend sorting through it all. You’ll see examples of all of our services in practice like 3D animation, database programming, graphic design, copywriting, video editing, digital photography, and much more. Once you’ve had your fill you can move right along to giving us a call or visit to see what we can do for you.

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Entry by: vinnie


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