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Alotted Time

I have been putting off the finishing of my room for around two months now and I am again resolving that this will be the weekend that I finish everything.  A flooding incident had me moving backwards for a few weekends and even though I was doing stuff it was more fixing new damage than finishing.  I still need to lay down the carpeting where it has been removed, assemble the new bed, bring in the couch, put the treadmill back together, add the bar to the closet for hanging clothes, and finish by putting all the remaining furniture in place.  I don’t think I have anything standing in my way this time and will hopefully not have to put it off again.

Luckily for DDA clients, I am contained to this building for 40 hours a week and can’t put any of that work aside for another time.  I’m here, so I do it.  A nice Flash animation, some custom programming, or even some 3D modeling are some things that I might be doing for your business.

If only someone paid me to finish arranging/constructing my room like they do for working on websites, then it might actually get done by me.  It’s strange how that works.  I’ll do things for other people for money in a jiffy, but if it’s for myself to meet my own needs I can put it off for months.  Some people would even pay money for someone else to do some of their room work.  I suppose that’s how our economic wheels keep turning though and what we need in this economy is more wheels turning.  By the way, does anyone know if the economy is better yet or when it will be?  This is getting old.

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Entry by: vinnie


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