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Back to my Roots

We may possibly be getting a project where I get to make a game soon. I think it’s in the quoting stages right now, but I hope I get to do it. The last time I got to make a game was back when we were creating the DDA Carnival where I made a world where you can create your own custom character and walk around the “zones,”a triple merry-go-round you could ride, a haunted house adventure, a hospital simulation, a car racing game, and a game that was a mixture of snake and tron. A bunch of these games weren’t actually used and all had elements that were just there to show off portfolio works, but they were fairly fun to make. They were all made with a combination of Flash animation and Flash programming and this new project would be made with Flash as well.

I got into programming really in the first place with big dreams of making video games. I had been brainstorming video games I would make ever since I got my first gaming system, Nintendo Entertainment System, which came complete with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. I loved playing and they say to do what you love, so I decided to go into video games. I did well in high school programming, got college programming credits, and was well on my way until college physics took me down a notch and eventually led me to the website programming realm where physics doesn’t rear its ugly head. Now and then I’ll get to go back to my roots and get to make a game, hopefully again really soon. Did I mention that this possible project would resemble an old Nintendo game? Seems fitting.

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Entry by: vinnie


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