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The final busy tree weekend is approaching and everybody couldn’t be more relieved that the Christmas tree season is almost over. Many are working two jobs and are beating up their bodies more than usual to lug the trees around. Lately everyone just cringes when someone comes in looking for a “big” tree. Since “big” is a subjective word it can sometimes just mean 8 feet and that’s a relief, but when people are looking for a full and fat 12-foot tree, our backs start cringing in anticipation of having to show, carry, and tie the behemoth tree to the person’s vehicle. I can’t wait to have free time again when Christmas comes around. I have a whole lot of stuff that I need to tend to that has been pushed to the side at this point. I’m still wondering when I’ll be able to go Christmas shopping since I’ll be working the whole time until then. I’ve also got three Netflix movies that have been sitting on the DVD player for weeks now that I’m itching to watch. They may not be a priority, but watching movies is something that I certainly enjoy. Of course, I would be able to watch them in a nice warm house as well, instead of standing out in the cold freezing my face off.

If you come to DDA looking to have a “big” project done, we will be overjoyed. No cringing will take place as there is no heavy lifting. Only excitement about something new to work on will come over everyone. Brainstorming the possibilities is something fun that we look forward to. The office is set to a comfortable 75 degrees so no faces will be turning to ice as they work. The Netflix movies can wait because at DDA we have our own in-house video studio and videographers to make our own movie magic. Or we could instead go the 3D animation route and create an entire virtual world on the computer.

Whether your “big” project is a video, website, animation, print advertisement, or any other media related task, the DDA staff would love to do it for you. Plus, DDA won’t be stopping at Christmas, so any time year-round that you need some work done (”big” or “small”) you can come to DDA to get it done the right way by our professionals.

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Entry by: vinnie


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