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Caught in the Cookie Jar

The Christmas tree selling spree has begun for my family and it’s proven to be quite interesting. There is too much to be agreed upon by a lot of different people and that is causing some conflict. I guess I see firsthand now why it’s better to have just one boss to make the decisions to sink or swim with or why some people say never to work with family. Beyond that though we all trust each other and have been handling the money just fine. On the other hand, we did have two outside-of-the-family workers who are now gone because we caught them both pocketing money. They only worked two days and already showed they aren’t trustworthy. I don’t know if it’s the bad economy or just greed, but we are two for two. If some other cousins lived anywhere close we wouldn’t have to deal with outside help, but they don’t and not everybody can fly in for a month. So with several people inquiring for work, we will go onto our next set of workers and hope that they will keep their hands out of the cookie jar.

Anyway, we continue on selling Christmas trees and I continue on at DDA doing flash programming, animation, and such. At least at DDA we don’t have 15 people in charge so final decisions can be rendered much more easily, though everybody still gets to put their two cents in. The years of business have turned DDA into a finely-tuned machine with 7 divisions that are all micromanaged and turns out project after project in one of our many areas. It could be print design, copywriting, corporate video, website programming, or something else. We could be working on pretty much anything media related at any time because we have a gigantic list of services to choose from and everything is done in house.

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Entry by: vinnie


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