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Clips of the Web

The Internet spawned the creation of YouTube and similar websites. These have allowed for anyone to post their original content for the world to see. So the wise-minded television people have taken advantage of this phenomenon and created funny shows with dirt cheap budgets. I am referring to things such as Web Soup and Tosh.O. Frankly I find Tosh.O to be extremely superior to its Web Soup counterpart because of the difference in hosts. Chris Hardwick is hardly funny, but I don’t know whether to blame his writers or his delivery. I find Daniel Tosh to be a much better host and he doesn’t cease to crack me up. He’s got an arrogance about him and doesn’t shy away from making fun of any subject. If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a new episode on tonight on Comedy Central around 10 or 10:30. Check it out and get your giggles.

Television has plenty of ways to make cheap shows that they have been doing for years. First was game shows, then reality shows, and now web clip shows. As long as it’s a hit they will still get the same ratings and television advertising money. I don’t think web clip shows can take on too many more forms, but they are fun. They find the good stuff and show it to me. I barely ever go on YouTube anymore to find stuff on my own. Everything I would want to see is thrown at me in other ways anyway. Be it on TV, Facebook, or just emails with links, I will probably see it.

We can and have made YouTube knock-offs of our own here. We made one site for a client where users could upload videos of their sports highlights for recruiters to see. We made another for users to submit PG-13 rated strip teases for a contest on a condom website. We have the advanced programming experience, website design experience, and videography experience to make these sites a reality for anyone. So anyone at any point who needs some sort of video submission and playback functionality for their company website can come to us to get that done.

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Entry by: vinnie


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