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Community Day

The long Fourth of July weekend is now over (sigh) and it was a very relaxing and productive one for me.  There was lots of sleeping late, movie watching, running, home improvement, and family fun.  For our fireworks extravaganza we went with our usual plan of buying a bunch of fireworks from a roadside stand near school.  We went to do that and on the way saw that the Community Day celebration, which ends with a great fireworks display at night, was taking place on the 5th of July instead of a week or two after the Fourth of July like it usually is.  We had no idea this was happening and would have missed out entirely on the event had it not been for this one banner across the street.  With our new home location we are a bit further from the center of town.  Luckily with our trip to get fireworks, we went close enough to see a banner and made quick plans to take part in the event.  The event itself was fun and the fireworks were as big and loud as ever.

It’s lucky for us that they decided to put a banner up in that spot.  We don’t get the newspaper, which I am sure had some print advertising for it so we were basically left out. Television advertising is out of the question for a single community event like this.  I think we are just lucky that they did spring for the banners instead of leaving it to just the newspapers.  That little bit of extra advertising got them at least 4 more people to come. 4 more people can add up to 4 more hungry mouths and 4 more meals bought which could raise about 25 more dollars for whichever organization we bought the food from.  I’m sure that $25 could cover a nice chunk of the banner cost itself and I’m sure we aren’t the only people that saw the banners.  Banners and newspaper ads are probably the perfect advertising strategy for a local event like this.  People who are in the community will most likely be driving on the streets to see the banners and many people still read the local paper for the local news, especially the people who are community-minded and interested in what’s going on around town. These methods are also cost effective for the town budget and can save more money for the resulting grand fireworks display, which was great this year despite the lagging economy.

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Entry by: vinnie


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