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Don’t Delay

I have a new goal for running that I set in my mind and it has given me a fresh sense of motivation.  Unfortunately last night the lure of delicious tacos and burritos was too much for me and I bypassed my run to satisfy my hunger immediately instead of waiting until my run was over.  Well three hours later as sleepy time was approaching I finally kicked myself in the butt and decided I had to run if I was to achieve my goal.  It was already pitch black outside, so I started up the treadmill and began.  Today’s run was supposed to be more up tempo, so I was going pretty hard and the tacos were still going pretty hard at my insides.  After two miles I had to tone down the run significantly to avoid the urge to puke. Once I wrapped up the run I had to stretch, shower, and rehydrate.  By the time I was back in my room it was 11:30 p.m. and already too late to get a  nice full night’s sleep.  Then came another unwanted side effect.  It’s not easy to fall asleep after getting your blood pumping vigorously.  Tossing and turning and clock-watching eventually led to sleep and I learned my lesson.  Don’t procrastinate or try to take a short cut.

Procrastination didn’t work out well for that run and it doesn’t end well at work either.  Procrastination can lead to those last-minute headaches that can drive you nuts and really raise your stress levels.  Lets say that you are custom programming a website and wait until a couple days before the deadline to really kick into gear to finish it. You may end up thinking you finished it on the last day, but after sending it for proofing you get it back with tons of input and found problems.  You realize that you actually have 10 more hours of programming left to change and fix all of these issues, but there are only 4 hours left in the work day.  Cue high stress levels and hair-pulling.

These type of scenarios can happen in all fields at this company from animation to copywriting to video editing.  They can also happen in any other field and in just daily life in some form or another.  So when you have something to do, just do it! (Good idea Nike!)  Once it’s done, it can be off your mind and you can be back to relaxing.  If there is a big problem or change, you’ll have plenty of time to deal with and fix the issue at-hand without the extra undue stress and hair-pulling.

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Entry by: vinnie


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