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End of the Year List

Since the year is coming to a close and we only have a couple weeks left until we are celebrating a new year, people are coming out with all of their end-of-the-year lists to reflect back on the good, the bad, and the notorious people and events from this past year. Obviously there have been some hot-button issues with the economy sagging and a war still going on and there have been plenty of gossipy celebrity stories inundating the headlines like Michael Jackson’s death and Jon and Kate Plus 8’s fallout. There are so many lists out there already about that stuff, but none yet about DDA.

So I’m going to make a top 10 list of my favorite projects DDA has completed in the past year.
(Disclaimer: I do not know about all projects that go on here, so my list may be a little biased.)

Top 10 DDA Projects of 2009:

10. CML Tracker - A very helpful custom programming website to keep medical histories organized

9. Park Lenox Emergency Medicine Website - Well designed with great video editing and counter for patients served, all made by DDA

8. Nexus Parking Systems Website - Roll over the center menu items, you’ll see a fun surprise

7. Sensis Condoms Website - Lots of awesome flash animations going on with a touch of Papervision 3D. I’d recommend exploring to really experience it’s awesomeness, and don’t forget to download the free condomsutra screensaver for yourself.

6. Malmark CD-ROM - A beautiful looking CD-ROM that provided a nice soundtrack while it was being made

5. Dorman Virtual Trade Show Booth - Papervision 3D used to perfection

4. Rock Concepts Website - This was the best website to make and test with all the cool songs, like”Who let the dogs out?!”

3. DDA GRID - This one turned out great and is easy to use to explore our giant portfolio.

2. Sensis Condoms Video Upload Contest - Lots of work from the team, but a cool end result in Flash packaging. Stand back YouTube!

1.  DDA in 60 seconds commercial - I just love how this commercial turned out. Watch it for yourself!

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Entry by: vinnie


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