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It’s “Snow” Problem

Right in line with the groundhog’s magical prediction, it looks like we will be getting significant snowfall this weekend. As of now, I saw a forecast of 6-10 inches falling Friday night with another 1-3 inches falling early on Saturday. That’s a nice chunk of snow, but since it is on the weekend, it’s not going to help any children get out of school.

Though I am sick of winter at this point and want to feel the warm sunshine on my face again for once, maybe a giant snowfall will convince me to go back outside and build a snowman or fort or something. That or I’ll just end up shoveling the driveway until I’m exhausted. It snowed a bit today, but this would just fall into the 1-3 inches category and as Pennsylvanians we find 1-3 inches to be negligible as long as it doesn’t turn to ice. I find it funny when I hear about tiny freak snowfalls in some southern states where it is generally always warm and they shut down schools and businesses because of it. It’s probably because they aren’t too prepared with salt and plows since it is a rare occurrence, but I feel like Pennsylvanians would still charge ahead through it regardless since we’ve seen worse.

DDA is located in Pennsylvania so you can bet that snow won’t stop us from coming into work until it hits the 1-foot mark at least. Anything less than that is “snow” problem. So you can rest assured that there isn’t much that will stop the progress of your project. Graphic design, custom programming, 3D animation, Flash animation, copywriting, videography, and everything else will go on as usual until we get a “blizzard of the century.” In that case though, everyone else will be stuck in their homes as well.

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Entry by: vinnie


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