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Jumping to Conclusions

For whatever reason this morning, I woke up and felt the need to check the clock.  It was still a little dark and was very rainy out, but I had a weird feeling that I had overslept.  So in my morning stupor I glanced at the digital clock on the cable box on my TV and saw 9:37.  9:37! I’m way late!  So up I hopped in a mad flurry of confusion and grabbed my phone to call work to report that I’ve overslept.  Once I looked at my cell phone, though, I noticed that my initial time reading was a bit off.  My blurry tired vision made the digital 5 on the clock look like a 9 to me.  I actually had almost another hour of sleeping I could do.  Why oh why did I literally jump out of my bed with one look?  I should have confirmed that what I saw was true before I got my blood pumping and hurt my chances of falling back to sleep.

At DDA, we don’t go jumping to any conclusions on a client’s project.  We follow a transparent practice where we plan with the client and share with the client everything we plan to do before doing it.  We do this because we all want to be on the same page and want approval before taking off in a time-consuming direction that might not be what the client wants.  Along the way we will get approval for any step.  Every new web design for a page, every custom programmed form, every bit of Internet copywriting, and everything else will be shown to you before we take the time to add it in to the website or make it live.

We know that jumping to any conclusions on what a client might prefer or need will end up wasting more time in the future.  There would then be time spent on undoing and redoing the tasks that we just thought would be right.  We know that assuming clients want certain things and just doing them without approval can lead to poor customer relationships and would ruin chances of having repeat business.  Whenever we get a repeat customer, which is a lot, we know that we have done something right in the past.  We’ve made them happy and gave them a final result on their project that they were more than satisfied with.  We have had many ongoing client relationships that have lasted numerous years and will continue to go on for many years into the future.

Clients are the ones we are serving and are the ones who are paying to have things done.  So why shouldn’t they get exactly what they want?

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Entry by: vinnie


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