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Make a Symbol Synonymous

Well I officially had to use the defrost for my windshield this morning. It wasn’t actually frosted over, but had a light icing effect as I drove that was clouding my vision. Plus I was kind of chilly anyway so the defrost helped that too. It makes me wonder who designed the symbol for defrost. I can easily recognize it now, just because I’ve known what it was for a long time, but I don’t think I would know what it was for if I had never seen it before. There are many symbols like that. I’ve also wondered who designed the original computer power button, you know the circle with a line through the top of it. That one is being used in more and more applications as humans keep innovating in the technology age. Computers, cellphones, mp3 players, and even some cars implement this button. This simple symbol went from nothing to now being synonymous with powering on.

Logo design is a company’s chance to have a symbol become synonymous with their product. When people see the wavy red and blue circle, they know it’s Pepsi. When people see an Apple with a bite taken out, they know it’s Apple. When people see the “L” in a circle on a car they know it’s a Lexus. Every car has it’s own recognizable logo. In fact, I’d venture to say that all big-brand companies around the world have a recognizable logo to consumers. To a consumer, a recognizable logo can mean security, safety, quality, and trust in their if they choose that product. They know it’s safe and trustworthy, so they buy it or use it.

If you don’t have a logo yet, one of our skilled graphic designers can create a vast array for you to choose from. You will get several pages of possible options for you to mull over and decide on before plastering your company logo all around. Once it is picked, we can also help you with print design on the new business cards you’ll need or any other type of advertisement. Once you are ready we can have everything printed up and ready so you can get your company name out there into the public so you can be the one who they regard as trustworthy, safe, and reliable and in turn choose to use.

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Entry by: vinnie


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