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Our Video Magic

There is a new medical video project to be working on that shows how to undertake patient examinations. It is going to be a mixture of static 3D images and actual footage of hands carrying out the procedures. To make this look good and not gimmicky, we need to make sure that the 3D animation stills look completely realistic. That way they don’t stand out as being fake. Ideally, it will be a seamless integration of the real and fake like what was done in Avatar. The 3D characters and humans interacted and touched in the film and there were no hints as to any of it looking fake. That was part of the mastery of that movie. The 3D characters felt real, even though they were incredibly tall and had tails. If Avatar can accomplish that in a 2 hour 40 minute movie for millions of dollars, I’m sure we can make some realistic looking still shots in a few minutes of video for a tiny fraction of the cost. For the DDA video crew, the sky is the limit with what we could do. Aside from or animation abilities we do lots of live video work.

Video advertising is one of DDAs many areas of expertise. Our full in-house video studio and full staff of copywriters make forming original scripts and high quality videos a breeze. Clients can even choose their actors from our personal actors gallery. We can even make hybrid video where live actors interact with virtual environments, which can help make anything you can dream up a definite possibility.

Whatever your video might end up being, our skilled video editing abilities can create any look you want. We are no strangers to special effects and can add in many special touches to keep your video unique. Since we have our own green screen we could put your actors in any environment conceivable. From the Grand Canyon, to space, to any other place you can think up, we can make that illusion. Much of our Insideout Man videos were done with special effects magic. It was a mixture of 3D animation, still images, and special effects that made it all come together like it did. You can view it here.

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Entry by: vinnie


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