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Preparation to Celebration

My sister is getting married this weekend and while it’s been fun for me at the past weddings I’ve been to where I just got to enjoy the frills of another family, being part of the family involved in the wedding is a different story. With the date looming closer and closer my parents have been requesting my help with paying for stuff. My past two paychecks have gone to the cause and my credit card is much worse off. Why must weddings be so expensive? Or why didn’t we find somewhere to cut more costs? We’ve been only eating canned soup and pasta for the past three weeks to save money on groceries and we all have our little task to take care of. I’ve had to take a dip into graphic design (not my specialty) for the programs and I know my mom has been running ragged doing things. It’s much more stressful being involved in the planning and paying side of a wedding. I only hope that it will be fun once we can stop the preparation and enjoy the celebration. I know that it works that way with websites, so why not weddings?

Working on a website can be dull and repetitive when you are just building out pages to fill in content. It can also offer hair-pulling situations sometimes when you are having a mysterious cross-browser or advanced programming error. Your mouse clicking finger may get sore doing a 3D animation or you might go cross-eyed staring at the minute details of a web design. It is a time-consuming process that requires many peoples’ unique talents to pull off properly, but once you are finished you can bask in the sense of relief that it is finished and in the satisfaction that you have churned out another fine product that you can show the people you know. At work though, that sense of relief can only be short-lived since there is always another website in line that is ready to be worked on and created. With this wedding there will still be that next credit card bill to bring you back down to reality. I guess at least there will be that one day where we can enjoy what we paid for, and celebrate a marriage of course.

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Entry by: vinnie


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