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Technology Crutch

I’ve been using my GPS a lot lately to get around to new locations and back and I’ve come to realize that I now use the GPS as a crutch. I don’t know if I could drive to a new place without one. Reading those giant street signs on the highway to navigate is a foreign concept to me. I was never really good at navigating anyway, which is why I purchased the GPS in the first place. I know that I would be in a heap of trouble without it had I just missed one turn or exit during any one of my trips. I know my dad is familiar with a lot of highways and has some memorized from his times driving in the past. I won’t have this ability since I am not absorbing any information during my trips. All I know is to exit left in two miles or that there’s a sharp right turn in 500 yards. Though it may be a crutch, I have to say that I love having a GPS and could not imagine making these trips without it. Before I had it, taking a trip to a new place always turned out to be incredibly stressful. I’d be sweating bullets by the time I got where I was going to.

So though my GPS may be my crutch, I am fine with it. I may not have roads memorized, but as long as I have my GPS with me I know I’ll be able to get where I’m going without too much stress or hassle. Plus, if I miss a turn or exit, the GPS will adjust and keep me on the right path.

DDA embraces technology as well. As everyone knows, technology is always evolving at a seemingly rapid pace. As one of the first to embrace digital photography, we know that resistance to the change is futile. We upgrade our equipment as needed. Everyone knows about HD video nowadays. Well DDA is now equipped to make you a corporate video in high definition. Even when HD is not necessary for some web videos, having the HD footage from our cameras allows us more leeway to alter the video in the video editing process to make things just right.

So don’t fear the technology, embrace it. Even if you think otherwise, it will probably have staying power. The only thing that takes down a new technology is another advancement in the field that makes it obsolete.

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Entry by: vinnie


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