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The Experience

It looks like Avatar has overtaken Titanic as the highest grossing movie in the world. It isn’t the one that sold the most tickets however, but it still grossed the most due to higher ticket prices in general and also higher prices for 3D showings. Along with this title Avatar has already won Best Director and Best Picture awards at the Golden Globes. The Oscars haven’t taken place yet, but it’s sure to pull in a few more awards at that show as well. All of this good news excites me because now I know that they are going to make sequels for sure. James Cameron mentioned that he already has a script for the second movie written, he just needed to see if Avatar would do well enough in theaters for the movie studio to back another one. Extreme box office success was especially crucial because the technology the movie used, carried giant price tags. The movie cost something like $400 million dollars to make. Amazingly, it still has been incredibly profitable.

Many criticize the movie for its lack of originality in the plot, but I loved the movie as an experience. That’s why I saw it twice and will get a third viewing in hopefully before its end. I do like a good story in a movie, but a movie theater experience is a whole different aspect. I loved Grindhouse in the theater as an experience and I loved Avatar in the theater as an experience. Neither will be as good at home on a small television as they were in the theater, but both have a special place in my memory for good. Viewings of numerous bad movies at 24-hour movie marathons have also been very enjoyable and memorable. These movies were not good by any means, but the experiences were very fun.

I find that quality experiences apply to advertising as well. No matter what your product or content may be, if you provide a memorable experience with your ad, people will remember and talk about it. Viral marketing does this exact thing. Whether or not people care about the product they will know about it and share the ad with others allowing it to reach a gigantic audience. Websites as well can have this viral effect. So whether you do it through television advertising, print advertising, or Internet advertising, just make the experience a memorable one that will stick in people’s minds and make them want to share it with their friends.

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Entry by: vinnie


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