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Times Change and so does all Technology

With all of this rain lately, I have routinely been driven indoors to the treadmill to do my running. I used to have fun running cross-country practice in the rain, but now I’m a sucker for modern comforts.  I find it funny to think that I am actually being trained by a robot.  I just pick what kind of training I want on the current day, enter some details, and away it goes with its own calculated plan.  I can choose from hills, intervals, endurance, or manual training programs and each is evil in its own right.  Each will have its own sneaky combination of speed and incline that can push you when you might not want to be pushed.  I am impressed though with a certain option for heart rate training where you wear a heart rate monitor and the treadmill speed will go faster or slower based on your heart rate alone.  The main downsides of treadmill running for me are, no scenic view, you don’t really “go” anywhere, and there are no nice restful downhills to run.  Compared to treadmills of days past though, the functionality of this one is much more impressive.

The same can be said for most things though.  Compare a modern day car with one from 10 years ago.  Compare a new television or computer with an old one.  Some things can look or work so differently now than they used to that some younger children would not even be able to work the older version.  Compare a modern website with an old one.  This is another area where you definitely can tell the difference.  You can see it in the quality of streaming video, the capabilities of a flash animation, the new programming tricks that add to usability, and the graphic design that now seemingly has no limits on a 2D screen.  These things are all very noticeable, so if you have an old website you will need to bring it into modern times with a website upgrade.  Not doing so can actually cost you customers.  Crappy looking websites can ruin your site’s credibility and have the appearance of being a scam or not secure.  If people think their credit card information could be stolen, then they won’t risk buying anything with it.  Why would they?  In fact, if your site is really old it might not be up-to-date programming-wise with all the protocols necessary to prevent hackers from stealing you customers information or deleting/altering your database information if you use one.  Because just as useful technology gets better and more sophisticated, so does the malicious software and so do the hackers themselves.

DDA is always on the leading edge of technology and can provide you with the latest animation, streaming video, web design, and programming.  We follow many contingency plans so that in the case that something does go wrong, we can fix it.  Either with back-ups or just technical know-how, we will get it back running again as if nothing bad ever happened.  We just had an incident the other week with a hacker using a staff member’s keylogger against him to take all the vital database login information that had been entered.  This was fixed as quickly as possible and a lesson was learned.  Issues can always arise seemingly out of nowhere, but DDA has knowledgeable staff on hand that can take care of them.

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Entry by: vinnie


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