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Done! Wait, just one more thing.

It’s finished. Wait, let me just move this over to the left a bit. Just a nudge, and then maybe I’ll change the color of this box right here and and add a very slight drop shadow. Yes, perfect. The most brilliant thing ever to be designed. But, hold on. What if I do this and then that means I need to remove that and yes, now it’s finished. Hmm…, but by doing that I need to balance the composition by changing the font size and yes now it’s done. Or, is it? Should I try a different color palette or what would a different image do to the design?

Ever find yourself in such a predicament? Well, if you are a graphic designer at a full-service advertising agency like Dynamic Digital Advertising you have. Sometimes its easy (oops), it’s easy to keep playing with a design to make it just right. Sometimes there is no need and a website or brochure design just comes together in no time. Just this morning I found myself deep within the “tweaking and nudging” category. Once thing affected another and then another and then, quite honestly and literally, I had to just step away. I wondered how I even got myself into such a predicament? Am I too picky? Not really. Well, maybe just a smidgen.

The designers at DDA keep a log of every minute spent on a project so that our clients know what we were working on and when. Time and Resource Accounting (TRAC). One thing that does help calm the tweaking and nudging is knowing our client’s budget and staying within the time allotted. By tracking our time daily we know when it is time to stop. And we also know when we need to alert our clients that we have reached the time allotted for their budget, sometimes our clients even fall into the depths of tweaking and nudging too! At least it’s not just me!

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Entry by: carrie


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