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Just Doing My Thing

It’s not uncommon for me to hear - “oh, just do your thing” and sometimes I even say, “I’ll do my thing” or some people say “let her do her thing”. It’s nice to hear those few words because it allows me the freedom to… well, do my thing. It’s a graphic design conversation or discussion closer. When a solution can’t be agreed on, eventually I will hear… just do your thing. Doing my thing has taken years of practice. After four years of college at the Rochester Institute of Technology as an illustration major graduating with a BFA in Fine Arts, I was just discovering my thing. I’ve been out of college now for 11 years (eeks!) and started working as a graphic designer immediately out of college. I was one of the lucky ones to land a job a few days after graduation. Since that time I have been perfecting “my thing”.

“My Thing” - essentially a design process by which I start from nothing but notes on a particular design project like a brochure, website design or logo design. There are other pieces like previously defined corporate identity styles, specifications on size, color, project type, expected deliverables, timeframe, color mode in which to work in, content, etc. Once all the aforementioned items are determined, I begin work on designs and while I can’t properly explain this process it’s just something that organically happens. From experience I know what fonts to use for which applications, I know where certain design elements should go and how to create visual drama if necessary or how to keep the design quiet. My friends: color, type, illustrations, graphics and photos give me a helping hand.

Today, I’ll be doing my thing on a calendar design and newsletter as I discussed in yesterday’s post. But, first I’m finishing up the html template pages for a parking garage website. Once these template pages are complete, I’ll hand them off to our programmers to do their thing. The copywriting department will then do their thing and send me the necessary content to add to the site. It’s seamless really and because of our staff’s experience, we don’t have to define every minute detail because we’re all just skilled at doing our thing!

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Entry by: carrie


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