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Color Craving

I remember being glad that some of the fast food restaurants I used to go to changed their colors from orange and yellow to pastel purples and greens. I actually didn’t like the pastel colors or the new floral wallpaper trim, but just was happy for any change along with my Big Mac, when I used to eat them. Maybe that’s why I just gave up on most fast food in general; because I just wasn’t crazy about the restaurant colors!

When I helped open an Indian restaurant, we choose wood paneling and warm beige stucco walls, burgundy floors and tablecloths, and gold and dark metal highlights for the interior. I painted a mostly gold lacy mural of columns and elephants on the window to help diffuse the bright fluorescent lights shining into the restaurant at night. We hoped to create a warm, luxurious atmosphere, and the interior textures seemed to mesh well with the exotic food, the drifting smells of freshly ground spices, and the sounds of the sitar and other unusual instruments.

One statistic says that 62-to-90 percent of a person’s opinion of a product is based on the color alone, and that it happens within 90 seconds of seeing the product. I wouldn’t dispute this, as I intuitively know the influence of color as I walk through my day.

When I design a brochure, sell sheet, website, or logo, the product or service guides my color choices, and then I use that color to create a structure and contrast within the design (check out the colors in DDA’s medical portfolio to see some examples). That’s why I have a neutral background screen for my computer, so I’m not influenced by any other input. I try to satisfy my desire for something different by using different hues and through color combinations. Everyone craves change, which is probably one reason why each year has a favorite color trend. Color trends may be driven by the market too, because it’s helpful to sell more products, especially in the fashion industry, for example. But I’m not complaining!

This year’s most popular color is supposed to be “Iris”. I’m wondering when I’ll start to crave designing things in that color. If it doesn’t work, I might just start wearing purple sweaters!

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Entry by: judy


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