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Hobson’s Choice

I recently watched a movie called Hobson’s Choice. Hobson’s Choice is an idiom between an apparently free choice that actually offers no alternative.

Have you ever experienced being the recipient of an advertisement that offers you Hobson’s Choice? You can be assured it’s the best, custom tailored, most economical, and the ONLY solution offered! Hmm. It’s seductive to gravitate toward such confident advertising, but it can be expensive and time consuming in the end. Personally, such advertising leads me to worry that the providers aren’t aware of better choices for my goals, and doesn’t engender my trust.

DDA steers clear of prepackaged solutions and templates. We want clients to stick around, and they usually do, so who will have to deal with less than optimal solutions over the long haul? — Us! It serves us to offer more than one way, and it makes working here much more interesting.

There may be a market for packaged solutions, but that doesn’t describe our average clientele. DDA attracts clients who want something unique, but also want the solution to be similar to what they’ve already seen. In other words, they want a successful marketing solution. Prepackaged solutions can fall short of unique, and that is where DDA shines.

For example, a recent project involved making a Flash advertisement for upside-down mortgage refinancing. Given little direction, we came up with a theme to address the subject that we were very excited about. The client came back with an example of a conventional advertisement instead. So, we switched directions, and  managed to combine our original idea with the example given. We’re waiting for feedback, and based on that, may need to switch gears again, but the solution is already well on its way. It’s our flexibility and creativity that keeps clients coming back to us. That’s always a great choice!

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Entry by: judy


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