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This week and last, I started going to the gym in the morning. It feels much different working out in the morning rather than in the evening, because I have to get up 1.25 hours earlier. But it’s the best time, since it’s more efficient (no need to take two showers a day), and I’ll never have competing alternatives at that time (except for sleeping) to tempt me into not working out, like going out to eat with friends. My body isn’t used to this morning routine, so I’ve felt very tired most days, but the fatigue is gradually being replaced by more energy and a better sense of well-being. I know from experience that I just need to stick it out for 2 weeks, and then it will feel easy and I’ll be much more energetic than before. It helps that a friend meets me at the gym most days, and sometimes brings me green smoothies to sip in the morning! One motivator for all this exercise, besides just feeling better in general, is that it will help me get the most out of my vacation coming up. I’ll be in Sweden for 8 days, and I want to explore the cities, the landscape, and I also want to go to Denmark. I plan on doing a lot of walking and hiking, and don’t want lack of energy to interfere with getting the most out of my vacation.

Just like I know in 2 weeks, I’ll have made a transition to someone who easily works out in the morning, I’m confident that DDA will keep making successful transitions. DDA has gone through a lot of transitions over the years. We are always exercising our creative muscles. Since I’ve been here, five years ago, we’ve doubled in size, we’ve moved, and we’ve tried on many different strategies to take advantage of new technology, like the growing popularity of streaming video and video spokespersons on websites, viral marketing, bigger monitor screens, and more advanced browser capabilities. We’ve adjusted to accommodate changing trends in the the economy. The results have paid off, and speaks to the general flexibility, creativity, and energy that DDA brings to every day of work. This daily intention ensures that clients will get the most out of their relationship with DDA.

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Entry by: judy


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