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Advertising Nightmares

I recently started watching a show called “Kitchen Nightmares” with Chef Ramsay. I was never a fan of his original show Hell’s Kitchen, but one night I left on this other show and found myself hooked. The premise of this show is that Chef Ramsay goes to restaurants around the country and tries to fix them. Most of them have money problems, some have problems with poor service, bad management, and even rotten food and cockroaches. This past week, they aired a special where Chef Ramsay goes back to these places a year later to find out what’s been happening. Regardless of the problems these restaurants initially had or the quarrels they had with a straight talking and famous chef, these places had all seen a great turn around in business and in life. And of course, why shouldn’t they, they had help from one of the most famous and successful chefs in the world. But it’s still funny to see how all these people initially wouldn’t listen to Chef Ramsay, ignoring the fact that he’s successful at running restaurants, and then are suddenly blown away to find out his advice worked.

The same can be said for DDA. While none of use are millionaires (that I know of) and run a dozen or so successful restaurants (again, that I know of) people really should listen to us. We have a track record of solid work and great results. This company has won unsolicited awards for website design and was also named one of the countries top 10 most reliable search engine marketing companies. The simple fact is, what we do works. We are Chef Ramsay, and we want to fix your advertising problems to help make you successful. We may not make for an exciting TV show (although it would be fun to yell at people like Chef Ramsay does) we do have a proven track record. Just check out what our clients are saying about our work in Testimonials and the list of Awards we’ve won.

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Entry by: Andrew


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