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Unique Website Design

While I am by no means a professional graphic designer or carry equal skill sets to the designers here at DDA, I do often dabble in the world of website design. When I studied art and photography in college, I took quite a few classes that made use of Adobe programs and have since become very skilled in Photoshop — one of the most important programs in digital photography. School also taught me some of the basics of the other Adobe programs that our graphic designers use — Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and others. While I don’t have the same level of comprehension with those programs as I may in Photoshop, I’ve since been teaching myself to use them based on the basics I learned in school. Lately I’ve been really into creating designs in Photoshop and translating them into HTML through Dreamweaver — mostly for purposes of creating better online portfolios for myself.

But as I look around the web to find how others have structured their websites and I look into the different aspects of what I like and what I don’t like, both visually and as a user, I’ve developed a much better understanding of what our team of graphic designers face when they build websites. For starters, there are a lot of junky websites out there — a lot — and our designers have the task of creating completely unique websites that have mass appeal, are user friendly, are search engine friendly, and look great. There are very few websites out there that manage to do this and a lot of the weaker websites are actually designed by a so-called “professional.” And what’s worse, and what very few people seem to realize, is that the website is often someone’s first view of your company or organization. If a user finds your website by browsing the Internet and you have a poor website, chances are you won’t get that person’s business, unless you’ve got something really really amazing to offer. If you’re giving away money, I don’t care how poor your website is, but chances are, you’re not doing that, and you’re trying to sell your services. Just like how no one will shop at your store if it’s messy and not well-kept, no one will buy into your services if your website is lacking.

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Entry by: Andrew


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