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Dare to Stand Out

I spent the weekend in Boston and part of that trip included a Celtics/Sixers game.  As we layered on our Philadelphia-inspired wares, I thought little of the impact this clothing would have until I stepped into the stadium. When I was confronted with a sea of green, I wished that several members of our party had opted to wear less supportive clothing. As we took off our jackets we were immediately greeted with a chorus of insults. From “Sit Down Philly” shouts to the oh so subtle, “I hope you get beat up” warnings, I spent the majority of the first half wishing I was watching the game in front of the TV rather than in person. It also didn’t help that I was seated next to a mega Celtics fan that had a negative comment for my every move. But after some encouraging words of advise from Heath, I calmed down, lost my feelings of anxiety, and began to have fun regardless of the negative insults thrown our way. In the end, the experience was a great one and it didn’t hurt that the Sixers defeated the Celtics, breaking their 11-game winning streak.

So how does this story relate to the work we do here at our full-service advertising agency?  The answer can be found in courage. By no means would I classify the work we perform here on a daily basis as run-of-the-mill or standard. When other advertising agencies are producing template-derived websites, we are smashing accepted norms with innovative approaches to interactive technologies that embrace the new instead of the accepted. This, however, is no easy feat. Not only does it take dedication, perseverance, and hard work, it takes guts to explore approaches to development that have not been widely accepted or mastered. Not every attempt will result in a success but when it doesn’t, the pay-off is exponential, leaving us with a one-of-kind development approach that is unmatched in the industry.

So if you are a medical organization, corporate institution, or small, mid-size, or large business, don’t fall inline with the masses, be brave and stand out with DDA. You’ll be glad you did.

Ways to be different with DDA:

  • Interactive websites with integrated video that responds to user input
  • Interactive eCommerce sites with product simulations and builders
  • Technology-based medical eLearning tools that bring learning to a completely knew level with interactive media and digital training and testing mechanisms
  • And much more
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Entry by: elise


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