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Double O-No!

This weekend I saw the latest Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. Now action movies aren’t really my thing but it was the preferred choice of my  movie goer friends. While watching the flick, I found myself giggling at several action-packed moments. I received several annoyed nudges from my fiance, but I couldn’t contain my amusement.  Somehow, James Bond magically dodged thousands of bullets. Not so for his enemies; all it took was one shot and they met their tragic end. And did you know James Bond is also fire retardant? Infernos are no match for this suave super agent as he stylishly emerged from a massive explosion unscathed. Oh, and who needs a parachute when you have the rock-hard body of 007? After falling several hundred feet from a crashing airplane and opening the chute only a few feet from the ground, Mr. Bond and his attractive companion walked away with barely a limp.

For me, the incredulous plot points weakened the story. Yes, it is exciting to see 007 triumph over seemingly insurmountable tasks, but not ones completely devoid of reality. As a professional advertising copywriter, we must be weary of this trap. It is easy to get lost in the adjectives, to over describe and over-exaggerate a product or service in an attempt to promote its unique features and selling points. When done, a script can resemble one of those late-night infomercials we’ve all seen with ridiculous writing and even more ridiculous deliveries. At DDA, we take the time to understand the services and products we are advertising to hone a market-rich script, page of search engine optimized copy, or corporate or medical video that effectively entices the viewer without overwhelming them with over-exuberant material.

The work we produce is tasteful, professional, and most importantly, believable to yield the best results for our clients.  So if you’re in search for cheesy, misleading content, we’re not the choice for you, but if high-end results are what you desire at affordable costs, contact us today.

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Entry by: elise


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