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The Best Possible Outcome

Last night was the season finale of Dexter, a popular Showtime program I watch religiously every Sunday. In the beginning of the season, I was disappointed with the scriptwriting. While several aspects of the plot held my interest, there were weak storylines that did little to advance the plot and cheesy characterizations that made me cringe, but last night’s episode changed my mind and left me stunned and craving more. I have to hand it to the writers as I was left in total suspense throughout the entire 60 minutes and surprised at a unexpected twist ending. While the script writing responsibilities here at our full-service advertising agency never deal with vigilante serial killers and suspenseful fiction, we too fine-tune and re-work our words to generate the best audience reaction. 

Like a television scriptwriter, we avoid redundancies by creating copy that is new and original. We avoid cliches and structure motifs and phrases around a marketing identity. Even when we write scientific content for a medical institution, we aim to maintain readability. And when injecting keywords into a page of search engine optimized content, we are careful not to muddle the text with confusing word combinations.

At DDA, we are all about generating the best user experience in all that we do. So whether we are crafting a script for a medical eLearning program or interactive website, or we are fine-tuning a GUI design or custom programming a secure database, you can count on DDA to work hard to generate the best possible outcome.

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Entry by: elise


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