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At DDA, We Do Not Drop The Ball!

We were at a restaurant last weekend for brunch. Once, it was a very attractive venue. The owners spent a lot of money to put in a waterfall wall, paint the place, bring in new furniture, clean the premises, upgrade the landscaping, and cook better-than-average meals. So I was surprised how different the place was that morning. The patio had broken umbrellas, half-dead plants in a dozen weedy pots, and cigarette butts all over the pavers. We won’t go back. What was truly sad was how hard the young waiter tried to please us and the other customers he was waiting on. But he had no backup of any kind. No one to pour coffee, no one to take away dirty dishes. I’ll bet he is looking for another job even as I write.

That will never happen at Dynamic Digital Advertising. Some of us have extremely messy desks (beginning with me, one reason why I’m hidden way in the back), some of us show up sometimes with rumpled clothes, some of us forget food in the fridge for weeks. All that is SO MINOR when you contrast it with the way we work and what we produce for our clients.

DDA’s professional writers pride themselves in writing cohesive, meaningful content, whether it is meant for search engine optimization or meant to describe a product. Our programmers are glued to their screens working out creatively, yes creatively, the best way to present an online shopping cart, or prevent problems big and small. Same work ethic for our videographers. My point is that day in and day out, there is backup. We do not drop the ball! It may slip once in awhile, but we do not drop the technology or creativity ball, ever.

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Entry by: elizabeth


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