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Calling New Clients

From its inception Dynamic Digital Advertising strives to be the vendor of choice for businesses. We started doing digital work before our clients really understood the term. I remember those early days of sending graphic documents out on syquest reels, and being told by the printer that all the data was not there. And  a few other hair curling events that had to do with the miscommunication between the human printer and the laser printers. Computers and ram and pheriperials and software were so expensive in the early days. My knees would buckle when I would see the invoice for a new system. Fast forward to 2008, or maybe back up to 2002. The digital world has grown up.  For those of us why cut our teeth on traditional print, did we ever think we would see the day when film would be obsolete, when there was no need to UPS ads to a magazine because something called a PDF would be the vehicle of choice? With all this speed, it now can take only hours to do a project that would have required weeks in the old days.

The changes and improvements have made DDA a pretty sophisticated and complex place to work. Computers are “skinny” compared to those clumsy boxes. Double 19 inch monitors are necessary to our videographers, our graphic designers, even our project coordinators. No more 15 inch screens you had to peer in to. The interesting phenomenon though is that most companies are not even aware of how custom work can be today. There are still too many ugly websites that do nothing for a company but leave a negative impression to a first time visitor.

Again, DDA strives to change that. If you look at our portfolios before you decide whom to hire to build a new website or create a video presentation, or even just design a logo, you will be struck by the lack of cookie cutter implementation in all the services we offer. I challenge new clients to find a better vendor than DDA.

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Entry by: elizabeth


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