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Change, The Master Of Us All

The internet, text messaging, and social interactions among different groups (like reality shows) have spawned so many words that one almost needs a translator or definition to converse today. Let’s discuss what affects companies like Dynamic Digital Advertising directly. As a full-service advertising agency we try to be ahead of the curve.  Listening in on internal meetings among our content writers, you here the word “apps” thrown around a lot; our SEO specialists discuss URLs, hosting, and metrics, the first term is not a typo, hosting does not refer to someone coming to visit your home, and metrics has nothing to do with centimeters vs. inches. I won’t even venture into the world of Flash programming, video editing, or archiving footage, because I just have to trust that Laurence and his crew stay on top of those complexities.

My purpose with this post is to demonstrate how change is the master of us all. And we can either embrace it, accept its challenges, and move forward successfully, or stamp our feet in resistance.

When David and I first started DDA, we were going to be a digital house for professional photographers. That did not last long, mainly because they were so resistant to the concept of digital vs. traditional film. So we morphed into adding print services. That too had a steep learning curve. It took time for human printers to embrace the new technologies. If you are curious about our continuing development in the last decade, look at the DDA Timeline. It helps explain why a company has to embrace change. If handled right, change creates positive ripple effects that benefit both client and vendor. Hopefully, we will always be i out in front of that process.

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