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Experience And Good Judgment Necessary, Not Price

Remember the slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid”? Well, I would like to amend that for use in this 2009 economy to, IT’S EXPERIENCE, FOLKS. Not price, not extras like tickets to a concert or other such freebies, IT IS EXPERIENCE. That is  DDA’s great strength. We are finding that prospective clients want us to compete on price, and price only. We won’t.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, clients should turn to us, not because we offer the lowest price and therefore are perceived as a bargain, but because we can produce results. Results that make their company look good. Results that impact their bottom line positively. To survive in this economy all of us must focus only where there is real ROI. We know that with the numerous services we offer, we impact ROI positively.

How can we prove this? First a company interested in working with us should take the time to go through our portfolios. Next, they should engage in conference calls with our Business Development team, they should ask questions relevant to their project and deadlines, check out our references, go through our quotes with a fine tooth comb and if they insist on asking another vendor to do what we do, be suspicious. Our work, and therefore the process that underlays it is very complex and custom. Most vendors, if they say they can match our work for less, will outsource half of it. No need to mention how that can create mis-communication, delays and spiraling costs.

Today, more than ever, companies need to do a lot more with a lot less. DDA has been doing that for  more than a decade. We are pioneers. There is a saying we  often quote to one another, “We are so used to doing so much with so little, we can do almost anything in no time flat.” Truer now than ever.

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