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It Is All About The Process.

I love to cook, and will, given half an excuse spend a whole weekend in the kitchen stirring up Italian wedding soup, beef stroganoff, banana bread, quinoa with mushrooms and marsala wine, shortbread cookies all of which I did this weekend. But for Thanksgiving, we are going to a fancy restaurant for dinner. After much discussion, we decided not to accept a one day visit to Manhattan, or roast a turkey at home, and spend the next month creatively disguising leftovers. But since we won’t have guests this year, it would be dinner for two, so we had to struggle with should we, or shouldn’t we cook for ourselves.

Sometimes at DDA we wrestle with the same creative struggle. There are some problems (especially those that involve code) that have to be dealt with head on. When one of our clients has an email problem on a Saturday, we have to address it ASAP, when a client asks a question about a project on  a Friday, we respond the same day. But the most important aspect of problems is to clearly define which one is crucial and which one can wait until later in the day. The temptation to act before all the facts are gathered can prove detrimental in the long run. And each of us has to have to discipline to think things through before writing an email or calling the client. We try not to waste time. We always want to leave the client with a sense that at DDA, project coordinators can be counted on to get the correct information to the people involved, that behind each coordinator is a support team of videographers, graphic designers, programmers and production staff to insure the best outcome to any projects.

We have some very complex websites and medical video presentations and print work nearing completion and without this process in place much could fall through the cracks. It may sound like a stretch but to me it is kind of like making a twenty pound turkey for two and wondering what to do after you make sandwiches and turkey ala king, and turkey vegetable soup.

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Entry by: elizabeth


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