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Learn By Doing

On the news this morning, one of the articles relating to the workplace was a survey of workers and how they felt about their jobs. Over 45% said the biggest problem with their workplace was boredom. The news reader did not have any other explanation, but it made me think of DDA and what we do. Granted as an advertising and marketing company there are so many details that comprise a day that one could say “same-o, same-o”, but bored? Guess each of us has to answer that for ourselves.

I feel that because our attitude is to keep pushing the envelope, we don’t have time to be bored. The world of creativity (and I use that term not only for our graphic designers and videographers, but also for our programmers, flash animators, SEO specialists and even those of us who work in finance and production) can do much to enhance our specific roles and jobs and therefore benefit not only the company but the clients who entrust us with their projects.

We are skilled at what we do, but we are also students. We should not let a day go by without learning something new or improving on a task. It does not have to be the eureka moment, even figuring out a shortcut for a tedious task, or a better way to stay organized can one day add up to that eureka moment. Incorporating this new  attitude will benefit us, as we plunge into 2010.

Here is an old Chinese proverb that states what I am trying to say best, “Your teacher can open the door but you must enter by yourself.”

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Entry by: elizabeth


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