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Looking Ahead

To be a success in your personal life, you have to set goals and work to accomplish them. This usually means going to school, getting good grades, and using that as a jumping off point.  Some people want to follow in their parents footsteps, so if the family business is restaurants, they major in business or food services, and go from working free as a busboy or dishwasher, to now being on the payroll and in charge of keeping costs down. There are many examples I could cite, but you get the idea. Tradition works.

To be a success in any other business, you have to have some vision, an uncanny instinct, for what you can and cannot do, and the honesty to recognize what you need to turn your enterprise into a viable, functioning entity.

It matters little whether you are selling produce or teaching five-year olds to dance, whether the business you started is based on a secret passion or whether you broke away from a  major corporation to start your own marketing company, you need perseverance beyond belief. Ask any small business owner.

DDA is a successful advertising and marketing company David and I started from scratch over a decade ago. Our very first print project was a sell sheet for a pizza pie cover. Today we have seven divisions.  Our different departments strive to showcase what we do in custom website development, our programmers work to keep our systems humming seamlessly even while they write code for different projects, our professional writers find choice words to describe products and services, our business development team handle endless RFQs, our production assistants diligently build out complex web layouts, our SEO specialists go through their endless lists of how to keep the websites we handle on the first page of Google for their important keywords.

Yes, we have struggled through the bad economic year, and stayed intact. Our dedication and strength is something clients can count on as they look toward the new year.

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