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Playing At Business

Growing up, one of my favorite weekend things to do was to play “house-house”. This was a very intense game where we had to vie for roles, and then come up with appropriate costumes, and assorted props. For instance “the Father” had to have money, for some reason a formal looking hat, someone to act as driver for his make believe car and so forth. We would start early Saturday and stay in our pretend world until our parents broke up the game Sunday night to much protesting from all involved. Looking back on it, all seven or eight of us (all kids from the same street) were so immersed in our play world, it felt real.

Today, I see that same attitude with some business people. They set up shop, buy the props, look like they are actually creating a viable business, but on closer examination, it is playing. If I were a consultant to one of these places, I would say do something else. Don’t pretend that because you have a logo and letterhead, a fax number and checks with your company name, and maybe even a project or two that you are a legitimate concern.

Starting a business requires among other things a dedication to work intelligently at your chosen endeavor long hours, seven day a week. If you’re lucky you may graduate to normal hours, 40-50 a week. You will be required to sacrifice drawing a salary for awhile, you will have to be janitor and messenger and clerk as well as owner and president. You will have to constantly resist spending money on nice-to-have things, and make do with clever inexpensive things. And while you juggle all these roles, businessman, gatekeeper, salesperson, etc. you will stay up nights figuring out how to break even, a goal you MUST achieve before you can become profitable. And forget the word VACATION. Sounds difficult? It is. But if you are a true believer in your business dream, you will work day in and day out to make it a reality.

DDA is such an enterprise. And thinking back on that first month listening to our first computer booting up in a corner of our bedroom, and wondering how we were going to pay for all that technology (for example,the first storage disks cost $200.00 each), and walking around today watching the Video Department where Jake is putting finishing touches to our new commercial and Vinnie is hard at work with action scripting, Tyler is helping two or three clients with their computer problems and Rob is working his animation magic with Laurence keeping a close eye on all that transpires even as he quotes new video projects, I marvel that is only one part of our vibrant company. The Writers Den is humming as our professional writers develop content, our Programmers watch code with very keen eyes, our Business Development team is hard at work with new requests.

There is a rhythm to our work week that reassures us all, that DDA will continue to lead. No time here for play acting! We are a serious team of Graphic Designers, Production Specialists, Interactive Multimedia Experts ready to serve the corporate and medical worlds.

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