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Quoting A Project Is Hard Work

Last weekend, David and I oven dried tomatoes (the easy way). The other way would be to sun dry them which takes days. We did it because we have too many, we did it, so we can have that fresh tomato taste in stews and soups all through the winter. The whole event from start to finish took over 10 hours (the instructions figured four hours tops, but warned it could take longer, such a nebulous term “could take longer”… Would we do it again? When we tasted the first batch, the answer is a resounding YES.

This so reminds me of what we go through at DDA day in and  day out when quoting projects. If the RFQ is  complicated, Toni initiates a round of emails to the department leads for their best guesstimate of what they think is needed to do the work without blowing a reasonable budget. This is an exercise everyone at our full-service advertising agency takes very seriously. We know that companies get more than one bid. We may not be the lowest, but we hope we are offering more than a garden variety quote. If we are the chosen vendor, it is because of great preliminary work. However, like the tomato project, our best efforts never quite hit the mark. There are too many unknowns. And yet, our videographers and flash animators, our programmers, and content writers, and our graphic designers have all indicated what they think they need for said project. After the new client signs on the dotted line, an assigned  project coordinator keeps a close eye on the developing project through our TRAC and warns those involved when necessary that there is not much time left. This helps us and the client, especially when there are too many indecisive individuals involved.

I could tell you all the things that could go astray and do, but instead I’ d like to describe a dream client. This would be a company that chose us after due diligence, studied our website, looked at the different portfolios. This would be a company that has as point person someone with real clout. This would be a company that believes in deadlines and asks that we adhere to them. This would be a company that recognizes the value of our services and the talent brought to bear for his project, and allows our staff to do the work. This would be a company that pays within terms. Are there companies like that. A few. Some have been with us over ten years. And we are lucky they chose Dynamic Digital Advertising. We are happy to be their agency on record.  And, yes, we will be drying tomatoes again this weekend! But after what we learned last weekend, we think we can come closer to said four hours.

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