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Start The Day Right

Do you ever play a game with the clock? Like how many tasks can you finish in ten minutes, in an hour, in a day. I divide my time in fifteen minutes increments. And if nothing interrupts the time slot the task gets done. It could be something simple like answering an urgent email or returning a business call. Basically, the strategy behind this self-imposed structure is to assure that mundane tasks do not get neglected.

At DDA, all of us have things we prefer doing to other things that are on our task list. Take for example writing a daily post. Most of us put it off because we feel we do not have much to say that day or because we simply are too busy. So the whole DDA blogging effort has bogged down.

New rules. Take the first twenty minutes of the morning and post then, before you even look at email, before the phones  start ringing. Unlike other businesses, we each write our own blog, no hired professional blogger, so each post has a unique perspective and a personal style. In other words like everything else about DDA, our blog page is one hundred per cent authentic.

Some days you can feel the frustration from one of our programmers over an unforeseen event in the code world that could create problems on our servers. Thankfully, we have very alert programmers who watch with eagle eyes. Some days, it is our production crew who voice frustration over a misunderstood communication, or one of our designers ready to pull hair because a client thinks he is the designer and is mucking up a design or a logo.

So go the minutes and the hours in all the departments. This is a quiet place with seemingly very little drama, but man oh man do we deliver on outstanding work. We just control our angst effectively so to our clients virtual and otherwise we are that intrepid, dependable fighting machine. The best choice when thinking of an advertising and marketing agency.

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Entry by: elizabeth


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