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Staying Power.

What do you need to start a business, any business?  Good ideas, imagination, the right mix of people willing to work for peanuts to start, a decent building with low rent, a supportive community with real resources, a product or service that fills a need, knowing you can be better than the competition.  Yes, all the above and I have not yet mentioned a way to pay your bills until the business can support you. Since David and I started DDA, we have watched businesses come and go. Some were surprisingly big, and you would never think of them as hovering on the brink of extinction. Why does that happen? Many  reasons. Management that is sloppy would be at the top of my list. Inferior product or service is the twin sin of sloppiness. How do you avoid extinction? One top priority is to avoid waste. Wasted time is the primary killer of many businesses. If everyone who worked for a company took an honest count of how they spend company time, they would be shocked at how often they short change the company. Another priority is to stay efficient. You can take the hour to do that task that can be done in fifteen minutes, or you can divide the hour in four and use the other 45 minutes to provide the company with useful feedback or ideas or followup that proves beneficial in the long run. Translate that expression “It takes a village” to “It takes the right team”, and chances are (all other things being equal) even when there is an economic slowdown, the company can weather the dry spell.

At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we have used most of the first part of 2008 to better our company. We moved to bigger and better digs, we insulated at great expense (a major effort to be green was one reason), we built our web portfolio, added more services (check us out), and now that the new business season has started we are ready. I know that all our preparation will pay off. Some of it won’t be reflected for months, and the economic slowdown necessitates caution, but Dynamic Digital Advertising is bigger and better because we worked together to make it so.  I close with this very profound thought: “We say we waste time, but that is impossible. We waste ourselves.” Alice Block    

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