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The Definition Of Design

What does the word mean? Depends on whom you ask. At our very busy marketing and advertising company, a programmer would say design is the way you structure the code he or she is writing and how it functions for the intended application. If you ask our lead graphic designer, she would talk about the way her department mentally sketches for a print piece or a website and then starts building with images and selected fonts and relevant CMYK or RGB colors, among other things. Ask our videographers and flash programmers and their definition will be peppered with terms like multi channels and action scripting and render time.  Ask a DDA project coordinator where a certain website project is, and you may get any answer like, “We have started the design based on the content plan.” That answer does not mean placement of images and colors, it does not mean a fleshed-out front page concept even, it basically means the groundwork so all involved have reference points, a map if you will, so no one assigned to the project wastes client time, spending hours on something irrelevant.

The point? It is all design. If you are thinking of hiring DDA , THINK BROAD AND BIG, when you think design. Like Paul Rand states on one of our new posters, “Everything is design.” And our unique process will help bring to life a customized creation, not a templated mimic borrowed from somewhere in the universe.      

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Entry by: elizabeth


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