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The Sweetest Lemonade

Were you aware that in the United States there is a board that oversees consumer confidence? Yes, aptly named Consumer Confidence Index. Well, in September 2008 it registered at 61.4 and then plummeted to 38 in October, the lowest on record since the Index was started in 1967. So as we approach the holidays, we have to rethink buying habits. We should all try to give from the heart, but each present should be more thoughtful and useful. Think food items. Many of us like to cook, are good cooks, but have little time to cook. It is early November, plenty of time to make jellies and jams and brandied fruit which family and friends can enjoy through the winter. Or maybe, you can give hour coupons to run errands on specific days for someone who needs that kind of help, or babysit or house sit so those folks can have some alone time. You don’t always have to go to the mall for presents. I know I’m not helping the retailers with these suggestions, but it is time for consumers to start spending with cash, not credit. Just like the Green Revolt, there should be a Savings Push. It is amazing how much money you save when you start to brown bag your lunch, when you think twice about luxury purchases (luxury is a very personal word by the way, everyone’s definition is different), when you use leftovers instead of trashing perfectly good food. In other words, be generous with your time, your prayers, your skills, and be frugal with money you have not yet earned.

At DDA, our business development team sees this on a daily basis. Bigger issues, bigger problems. Companies weighing whether they are spending their promotional budget wisely. Few of us understand how hard David and Toni and Laurence work to find that magic number when we are asked for a video presentation quote. Few of us have ever sit in on a initial conference call so we do not appreciate the intricacies that go into selling our services. But those of us who do not participate in those first meetings can help by assuring our business development team that we will always get the work done efficiently so time creep is kept to a minimum therefore insuring a satisfying result for the client and a plus not minus on the DDA balance sheet.

We are a very unique company. There is nothing simple about what we do. And, we will continue to push the creative and technology envelopes. This could be a very risky model, but I am optimistic that our professional writers, our videographers and animators, our programmers, our SEO specialists and all our support crew are up to the challenge. During this economic turndown, we will make the sweetest lemonade ever!

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Entry by: elizabeth


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