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Why Choose DDA?

Growing up, my brothers, sisters and I were taught to be generous and frugal, to respect what money could buy, and never to own anything not paid for in cash. To volunteer,  and as a family to tithe. How many people even know what a tithe is? That concept, and the concept of paying cash is foreign to anyone who spends more than they make, and saves close to nothing of their income. People go on vacation or buy gifts at Christmas or have a lavish party and do it all with a credit card.  No need to go into the awful  truth about paying back the debt, and how long it takes–sometimes years for that one vacation. And the American economic structure has always encouraged this phenomenon of lavish spending.

But in the last few weeks the country has become painfully aware how different most financial lives are going to be. After the political rhetoric has died down, the reality of what lies ahead looms. First, an aging society, as more baby boomers retire, companies have to look for new management and skilled workers;  second, our Government has to contend with the Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and energy issues, yes energy;  third, rising unemployment which according to the experts is going to hit 8%. That would make the recession the third worst since the end of World War two.

What to do in the eye of this approaching storm?  As a responsible employer, I say, we work even harder and smarter. We are blessed with truly good work, but we have to strive even more to demonstrate why companies should select us for ongoing and future projects. There should be no hesitancy on any new clients’ part after they have done their due diligence, to choose us. We may not be the cheapest, but we are definitely the best. We are the right marketing and advertising company  to make a website produce not only because of custom design and optimized content written by professional writers, but also because our very sophisticated approach and solutions to marketing issues on all levels, be it new logos and tag lines, custom programming for a product mix, presentation videos for eLearning, we do it all at DDA. And the proof is in our websites: ddacorp.com, ddamedical.com, ddacmt.com.   

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